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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
1770916220118 18-Jan-2022 17-Mar-2022 proposals for the regional implementation team tenders
1195716220112 12-Jan-2022 10-Mar-2022 pier construction work tenders
869052220125 25-Jan-2022 14-Feb-2022 recruitment of technical assistance to support the government tenders
104917211216 16-Dec-2021 14-Feb-2022 control and eradication of rabies - iv phase tenders
1223052220119 19-Jan-2022 08-Feb-2022 supply and installation of tactile tiles for joi tenders
392617220114 14-Jan-2022 04-Feb-2022 graphic design of cepf annual-impact report tenders
1039052211222 22-Dec-2021 04-Feb-2022 regional and local roads connectivity, construction of the road pogradec – tushemisht – dogane tenders
1207052220108 08-Jan-2022 01-Feb-2022 municipal ossis rollout in aus tenders
205051220108 08-Jan-2022 01-Feb-2022 proposal municipal ossis rollout in aus tenders
599052220120 20-Jan-2022 31-Jan-2022 western balkans trade and transport facilitation, consulting services – individual selection tenders
692052220114 14-Jan-2022 31-Jan-2022 for furniture for kamza multifunctional center tenders
144217211227 27-Dec-2021 27-Jan-2022 weather satellite forecast system on cascade operation and management in the framework of dam secu tenders
994416191230 30-Dec-2019 N/A ipa - technical assistance to support the implementation of reforms in the sector of social protec prior information notice
305718191217 17-Dec-2019 N/A regional and local roads connectivity prior information notice
691316191115 15-Nov-2019 N/A ipa - technical assistance to support the reform on employment policies and vocational education a prior information notice
341018190326 26-Mar-2019 N/A technical assistance services prior information notice
26618181231 31-Dec-2018 set up key mission broadband mobile radio voice and data networks prior information notice
585516181220 20-Dec-2018 N/A administrative services related to tourism affairs prior information notice
18218181130 30-Nov-2018 N/A regional and local roads connectivity prior information notice
695316180828 28-Aug-2018 N/A ipa - establishment of computer based solutions to enable implementation of several components and prior information notice

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