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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
549316201127 27-Nov-2020 16-Jan-2030 charter flight services bfa tenders
509016201127 27-Nov-2020 30-Nov-2021 test system for manufacturers of low voltage cables up to 1 kv tenders
29617210227 27-Feb-2021 31-Jul-2021 canteen and catering services tenders
29517210227 27-Feb-2021 31-Jul-2021 canteen and catering services tenders
730716210122 22-Jan-2021 12-May-2021 abc protective suit: medium (permeabel) and abc overshoes (frame call contract) for 2021 to 2023 ( corrigendum
1216816210203 03-Feb-2021 04-May-2021 construction work: built less sillschlucht - pfons (h41) tenders
1216716210203 03-Feb-2021 04-May-2021 construction work: lot sill gorge - pfons (h41) - ap233 tenders
858016210205 05-Feb-2021 30-Apr-2021 engineering works and construction work tenders
105917210220 20-Feb-2021 27-Apr-2021 delivery of work clothes and service clothing for the n road service for the year 2022 with option tenders
1215116210203 03-Feb-2021 20-Apr-2021 establishment of a center for education and childcare in 7400 oberwart tenders
278051201216 16-Dec-2020 15-Apr-2021 partnership for donation and/or free-of-charge loan of equipment to the iaea for the nuclear applic tenders
523316210216 16-Feb-2021 15-Apr-2021 smoke and heat extraction systems rwa remise hernals tenders
1320417210120 20-Jan-2021 14-Apr-2021 a9 main toll booths gleinalm and bosruck, general planning incl. technical planning (open architec corrigendum
816816210215 15-Feb-2021 13-Apr-2021 construction supervision services tenders
29817210227 27-Feb-2021 12-Apr-2021 construction of a new 380/110 kv substation wagenham (high voltage electrical engineering) tenders
2143717210217 17-Feb-2021 08-Apr-2021 occupational clothing, special workwear and accessories corrigendum
856416210222 22-Feb-2021 06-Apr-2021 social work services tenders
2709617210226 26-Feb-2021 06-Apr-2021 frozen products for vegetables / organic vegetables, fruit and convenience tenders
2109417210224 24-Feb-2021 02-Apr-2021 delivery of an lfa fire engine for the aschach an der steyr volunteer fire brigade tenders
2707817210226 26-Feb-2021 01-Apr-2021 v 2020-38 - framework agreement nt01_2020 telecommunications tenders

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