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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
2180016220512 12-May-2022 20-Jun-2022 study on violence against women tenders
589116220514 14-May-2022 20-Jun-2022 purchase of wood for vienna - various districts in vienna tenders
586016220514 14-May-2022 20-Jun-2022 mass spectrometer tenders
584516220514 14-May-2022 20-Jun-2022 industrial machinery tenders
585216220514 14-May-2022 17-Jun-2022 public security, law and order services tenders
584616220514 14-May-2022 15-Jun-2022 spectral flow cytometer tenders
861716220510 10-May-2022 15-Jun-2022 ballistic flak helmets and ballistic flak vests for law enforcement tenders
750416220506 06-May-2022 15-Jun-2022 award procedure 2-axle truck with 3-way tipper and front crane including accessories tenders
1585016220419 19-Apr-2022 15-Jun-2022 works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work tenders
2292317220517 17-May-2022 15-Jun-2022 radiography combination device tenders
3493216220518 18-May-2022 15-Jun-2022 rpa software from the manufacturers uipath and firestart tenders
3492716220518 18-May-2022 15-Jun-2022 research and development services and related consultancy services tenders
3493116220518 18-May-2022 14-Jun-2022 complementary school furniture & cabinets and shelves tenders
3494516220518 18-May-2022 14-Jun-2022 demolition work tenders
3494416220518 18-May-2022 14-Jun-2022 extension of child care community hallwang - locksmith work according to tender documents tenders
2291817220517 17-May-2022 14-Jun-2022 building construction work tenders
3493716220518 18-May-2022 14-Jun-2022 consulting, software development, internet and support tenders
3493616220518 18-May-2022 14-Jun-2022 maintenance measures on flood protection systems tenders
2891317220517 17-May-2022 14-Jun-2022 software development services tenders
1249117220516 16-May-2022 14-Jun-2022 provision of comprehensive economic and financial data tenders

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