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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
261052210507 07-May-2021 16-Jun-2021 belarus health system modernization project procurement of simulation equipment for skills labs: me tenders
214717210511 11-May-2021 15-Jun-2021 purchase of vegetable products for educational institutions subordinated to the education departme auction
1168717210510 10-May-2021 08-Jun-2021 sale of seized property june 8, 2021 auction
345017210511 11-May-2021 07-Jun-2021 whole condensed milk with sugar, not less than 8.5% fat, can not less than 380 gr. (storage temper tenders
344617210511 11-May-2021 07-Jun-2021 supply of food products supply of food products (canned, unsalted tomato puree with a mass fractio tenders
344517210511 11-May-2021 07-Jun-2021 supply of food products (canned cucumbers without adding vinegar or acetic acid (glass jar 3 l.) f tenders
332017210511 11-May-2021 07-Jun-2021 canned green peas without added vinegar (glass jar 0.5 l) for catering educational institutions of tenders
331217210511 11-May-2021 07-Jun-2021 sugar cookies, no more than 14% fat, without the addition of palm oil and coconut products (packed tenders
326417210511 11-May-2021 07-Jun-2021 refined sunflower oil (packaged) no more than 1 liter. without the addition of rapeseed and other tenders
323217210511 11-May-2021 07-Jun-2021 thigh of broiler chickens (frozen) category 1) for catering of educational institutions of soligor tenders
195217210511 11-May-2021 06-Jun-2021 software auction
912017210504 04-May-2021 03-Jun-2021 sale of unfinished residential buildings not completed in construction and lease agreements for la auction
286052210419 19-Apr-2021 03-Jun-2021 belarus utility efficiency and quality improvement project ( reconstruction of the water supply sys tenders
177052210313 13-Mar-2021 01-Jun-2021 sustainable energy scale-up, design, supply and installation plant, optimization of heat supply sch tenders
1168617210510 10-May-2021 01-Jun-2021 sale of residential buildings of the communal unitary production and construction enterprise brest auction
335917210511 11-May-2021 01-Jun-2021 purchase of photographic equipment (camera,slr camera with lens) auction
208517210511 11-May-2021 31-May-2021 development of design and estimate documentation for the object overhaul with the reconstruction o tenders
187017210511 11-May-2021 31-May-2021 server auction
220417210511 11-May-2021 31-May-2021 accommodation services for horses at competitions tenders
165917210428 28-Apr-2021 31-May-2021 development of design and estimate documentation for the object tenders

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