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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
1629817210918 18-Sep-2021 10-Oct-2021 execution of construction and installation, commissioning works at the facility overhaul with mode tenders
1639817210925 25-Sep-2021 09-Oct-2021 rights to use the 1c-bitrix computer program. site management. business license tenders
1639717210925 25-Sep-2021 09-Oct-2021 rights to use the 1c-bitrix computer program. site management. business license tenders
1639617210925 25-Sep-2021 09-Oct-2021 book products tenders
1508817210925 25-Sep-2021 09-Oct-2021 rights to use computer program kaspersky endpoint security for business - select tenders
1508717210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 equipment and instruments for analyzes by pcr method in real-time mode auction
1508617210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 car passenger auction
1508517210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 development of design and estimate documentation for construction objects: 3 lots, 3 facilities co tenders
1508417210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 choosing a general contracting organization for the construction of an object overhaul of balconie tenders
1508317210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 performing projects for the development of design and estimate documentation on the object moderni tenders
1508217210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 current repairs of the object: headquarters, (inv. 2 / 33) of the military unit 92616 brest tenders
1508117210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 construction of an object: construction of water supply networks on ul. quiet, ul. sandy in the vi tenders
1508017210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 implementation of a complex of construction, special, installation work (engineering and geodesic tenders
1507917210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 reagents diagnostic and consumables for conducting examinations auction
1181617210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 for the sale of the property of rupe berezatara auction
1641017210923 23-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 operation (maintenance) of landlocative systems and separately located hydraulic structures in the auction
1640917210923 23-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 construction of an apartment apartment building on the street zrilukskaya in minsk on the basis of tenders
54717210921 21-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 buying fallow deer tenders
1639517210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 motors and fans auction
1639417210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 current repair of a part of the building of the state culture institution berezovskaya district li auction

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