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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
1545317210923 23-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 current repairs of places of installation of technological equipment in the production and technic tenders
1362217210923 23-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 construction and installation work on the object: reconstruction of a non-residential building loc tenders
1562917210923 23-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 current repair of external stairs and other elements of improvement located at the local territori tenders
1639517210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 motors and fans auction
1639417210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 current repair of a part of the building of the state culture institution berezovskaya district li auction
1639317210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 safe disposable blood intake systems auction
1639217210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 membrane filtration system integrity control auction
1639117210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 provision of engineering services for the implementation of technical supervision of work at the f tenders
1639017210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 work (engineering services related to projects in the field of water supply, sewage and drainage s tenders
1638917210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 survey of engineering networks, development of psd, collecting source data on the object moderniza tenders
1638817210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 works on the current repair of the lobby, corridor and cabinets no. 50-55 on the 5th floor in the tenders
1638717210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 purchase of a supercomuter (workstation) tenders
1638617210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 supply of products (apple, bird carcass, fish) in kindergartens g. grodno - december 2021 auction
1638517210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 gasoline auction
1638417210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 y-connector auction
1638317210925 25-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 landing 5-row machine auction
329117210922 22-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 maintenance service for the website of the general prosecutor`s office tenders
329417210922 22-Sep-2021 07-Oct-2021 reagents, calibrators, controls and consumables for the automatic analyzer for immunological and b auction
329317210922 22-Sep-2021 07-Oct-2021 construction and installation work on the object overhaul of the monument bratskaya grave in the s tenders
329217210922 22-Sep-2021 07-Oct-2021 reagents for clinical and hematological research auction

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