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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
1759917211227 27-Dec-2021 29-Apr-2022 carrying out cleaning work, washing windows, periodically placing and replacing entrance mats and tenders
991416211115 15-Nov-2021 14-Apr-2022 eu civil protection mechanism training program for deployable experts, modules, contingency capabi tenders
908116211227 27-Dec-2021 12-Apr-2022 eu civil protection mechanism training program for deployable experts, modules, contingency capabi corrigendum
1347516211221 21-Dec-2021 05-Apr-2022 leather and textile fabrics, plastic and rubber materials tenders
3222016220125 25-Jan-2022 04-Apr-2022 refuse disposal and treatment tenders
1154216211214 14-Dec-2021 01-Apr-2022 for object the renovation, the rehabilitation, the maintenance, the management and the exploitatio tenders
619316220120 20-Jan-2022 28-Mar-2022 stock market for incontinence aids with absorbency and associated products, with a commitment to s tenders
920716211229 29-Dec-2021 23-Mar-2022 eurobarometer standard surveys tenders
897016211228 28-Dec-2021 23-Mar-2022 for participation - designation construction team for the design and renovation of the municipal o tenders
1329816220118 18-Jan-2022 22-Mar-2022 software package and information systems tenders
474217220122 22-Jan-2022 21-Mar-2022 renewal of the optical fibers of the belnet backbone tenders
1509216220125 25-Jan-2022 21-Mar-2022 provision in sub-concession of a site intended for the development and operation of a restaurant tenders
223317220114 14-Jan-2022 17-Mar-2022 design, build and maintain - technical cluster north corrigendum
223017220114 14-Jan-2022 17-Mar-2022 transition to digital broadcasting and freeing the 700 mhz frequency band in cyprus corrigendum
749516220112 12-Jan-2022 14-Mar-2022 matriel it cdc2022 servers & storage tenders
475117220122 22-Jan-2022 14-Mar-2022 delivery and installation of machines in the context of the erdf project 1327 belgian fries pilot corrigendum
800517220103 03-Jan-2022 14-Mar-2022 marche public de services et de fournitures pour the entretien, la prevention et le depannage d`in tenders
3363316220121 21-Jan-2022 11-Mar-2022 demolition, construction and renovation of campus church street and construction site playground tenders
2943616220125 25-Jan-2022 10-Mar-2022 surveying services tenders
140217211227 27-Dec-2021 10-Mar-2022 provision of sustainable window cleaning services for ag stedelijk onderwijs antwerpen tenders

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