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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
1269616211203 03-Dec-2021 11-Aug-2022 repair and maintenance services of telephone switching apparatus corrigendum
619616220120 20-Jan-2022 01-Mar-2022 delivery, installation and commissioning of a thin film deposition system in the implementation of tenders
141117220122 22-Jan-2022 28-Feb-2022 supply of net electricity and choice of coordinator of a balancing group for the needs of the muni tenders
3222816220125 25-Jan-2022 28-Feb-2022 maintenance and repair, including delivery of parts, consumables and materials for cars and vans, tenders
504016220119 19-Jan-2022 28-Feb-2022 supply of electricity and selection of a coordinator of a balancing group for sites of the municip tenders
1192416220112 12-Jan-2022 28-Feb-2022 delivery of fully electronic four-wire three-phase electricity meter for measuring active and reac corrigendum
3222716220125 25-Jan-2022 25-Feb-2022 security services - security of sites with physical security and through alarm and security system tenders
1610516220124 24-Jan-2022 25-Feb-2022 supply of net electricity tenders
1610216220124 24-Jan-2022 24-Feb-2022 supply of electricity by a coordinator of a balancing group for the needs of sites owned by the mu tenders
467417220122 22-Jan-2022 24-Feb-2022 supplies of chairs corrigendum
466817220122 22-Jan-2022 24-Feb-2022 delivery and installation of water cooling system for ventilation and air conditioning of operatin tenders
1315616220118 18-Jan-2022 24-Feb-2022 delivery, reg-ya in the traffic police, gar-no ob-ne and r-t of new, unspecified, high-performance tenders
36317220115 15-Jan-2022 23-Feb-2022 optimization and electronicization of registers and work processes in the bulgarian food safety ag corrigendum
2946916220125 25-Jan-2022 23-Feb-2022 selection of lecturers for training events tenders
3222516220125 25-Jan-2022 23-Feb-2022 refuse and waste related services corrigendum
574316220122 22-Jan-2022 23-Feb-2022 assignment of public transport to passengers on approved intercity bus lines from the municipal an corrigendum
141317220122 22-Jan-2022 22-Feb-2022 supply and installation of furniture in the implementation of the project no bg16rfop001-1.018-000 tenders
141217220122 22-Jan-2022 21-Feb-2022 office and computing machinery, equipment and supplies except furniture and software packages tenders
141817220122 22-Jan-2022 21-Feb-2022 supply of lubricants and natural gas-methane tenders
466717220122 22-Jan-2022 21-Feb-2022 delivery of chemicals and laboratory consumables, including glassware, for the needs of the instit tenders

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