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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
321218201119 19-Nov-2020 16-Dec-2020 furniture (incl. office furniture), furnishings, domestic appliances (excl. lighting) and cleaning tenders
321118201119 19-Nov-2020 16-Dec-2020 furniture (incl. office furniture), furnishings, domestic appliances (excl. lighting) and cleaning tenders
321018201119 19-Nov-2020 16-Dec-2020 supply of mobile equipment for composting plant for the purposes of the project "construction of a tenders
1284716201117 17-Nov-2020 16-Dec-2020 delivery of food products for kindergartens in the municipality of kirkovo tenders
3789518201118 18-Nov-2020 16-Dec-2020 supply of net electricity - low voltage, at freely negotiated prices and selection of a coordinato tenders
1216916201117 17-Nov-2020 16-Dec-2020 law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security tenders
1291016201117 17-Nov-2020 15-Dec-2020 cleaning of areas for afforestation of unwanted vegetation. costs for reforestation of affected fo tenders
1217216201117 17-Nov-2020 15-Dec-2020 implementation of measures for visualization and publicity under the project "reconstruction, reco tenders
3789118201118 18-Nov-2020 15-Dec-2020 consult. services related to independent supervision in construction, in connection with the execu tenders
3788118201118 18-Nov-2020 15-Dec-2020 management and operation of "regional landfill for non-hazardous, inert and hazardous waste for th tenders
1291316201117 17-Nov-2020 15-Dec-2020 delivery of tooth forged with welding for srs 2000 rotary excavator tenders
1284916201117 17-Nov-2020 15-Dec-2020 delivery and installation of racks in 3 separate positions tenders
320918201119 19-Nov-2020 15-Dec-2020 supply of spare parts and consumables for agricultural machinery, excavation machinery, constructi tenders
320818201119 19-Nov-2020 15-Dec-2020 delivery of spare parts and consumables for motor vehicles (including motorcycles, cars, vans, tru tenders
320718201119 19-Nov-2020 15-Dec-2020 delivery of electricity for the needs of the territorial division "state forestry" dupnitsa "for a tenders
15118201123 23-Nov-2020 15-Dec-2020 providing out-of-warranty full service and repair tenders
1458916201026 26-Oct-2020 15-Dec-2020 delivery of test police uniforms - special winter and summer shoes, divided into 2 (two) positions tenders
1458216201026 26-Oct-2020 15-Dec-2020 delivery of police uniforms - test summer special clothing for the employees of gdnp, gdgp and dz tenders
911816201110 10-Nov-2020 14-Dec-2020 delivery of gas chromatograph with tandem-quadrupole mass-selective detector, equipped with automa tenders
321318201119 19-Nov-2020 14-Dec-2020 delivery and installation of modular shelving systems for storage of goods and warehousing equipme tenders

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