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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
1609617210412 12-Apr-2021 18-May-2021 one-year procurement of medical consumables for cardiac electrophysiology for cardiology tenders
372517210415 15-Apr-2021 18-May-2021 upgrading business zone lonici tenders
372417210415 15-Apr-2021 17-May-2021 service establishment center of competence tenders
372317210415 15-Apr-2021 17-May-2021 service establishment center of competence tenders
411717210415 15-Apr-2021 17-May-2021 development of water utility infrastructure of the krievci agglomeration - procurement of equipmen tenders
411517210415 15-Apr-2021 17-May-2021 construction supervision service of rcgo piskornica tenders
411017210415 15-Apr-2021 17-May-2021 repair, maintenance and associated services related to aircraft, railways, roads and marine equipm tenders
2520617210210 10-Feb-2021 17-May-2021 construction of vukovar bypass, subsea from the junction "brsadin north" (crossing with d55) to th corrigendum
716316210209 09-Feb-2021 17-May-2021 construction of the vukovar bypass, sub-section from the junction br adin sjever (crossing with d5 tenders
1609817210412 12-Apr-2021 17-May-2021 procurement of services for the development, organization and implementation of online forms of ed tenders
1145617210414 14-Apr-2021 17-May-2021 procurement of design, organization and implementation of online forms of education; groups - edub tenders
1145517210414 14-Apr-2021 17-May-2021 supervision service over the construction of rcgo pi kornica tenders
1145417210414 14-Apr-2021 17-May-2021 system maintenance service tenders
1145317210414 14-Apr-2021 17-May-2021 development of the watercommunal infrastructure of agglomeration of the cross-procurement of water tenders
1143717210414 14-Apr-2021 14-May-2021 performing the line coastal transportation on the state high speedboat 9808 lastovo - korcula - du tenders
1143617210414 14-Apr-2021 14-May-2021 procurement of medical consumables for gastroenterology 2; groups of procurement items 16, group o tenders
1143517210414 14-Apr-2021 14-May-2021 parts for rtg device-rtg coronary angiography tube tenders
227617210414 14-Apr-2021 14-May-2021 performing regular coastal maritime transport on the state high-speed line 9808 lastovo - korcula tenders
1609517210412 12-Apr-2021 14-May-2021 parts for x-ray device-x-ray tube for coronary angiography tenders
1608917210412 12-Apr-2021 14-May-2021 disposable non-chemical medical consumables and haematological consumables tenders

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