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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
799717210408 08-Apr-2021 14-May-2021 drainage for the purposes of feasibility study ( improving water.) tenders
1426316210406 06-Apr-2021 14-May-2021 making proj. doc. and environmental doc. to improve the aquifer. infrast. conc. solutions sust. dr tenders
1065052210322 22-Mar-2021 14-May-2021 justice for business project, civil works of 7th floor and increasing of energy efficiency for the tenders
2682817210331 31-Mar-2021 13-May-2021 heat-exchange units, air-conditioning and refrigerating equipment, and filtering machinery tenders
1625417210401 01-Apr-2021 13-May-2021 installation of central supervision systems for air conditioning, ventilation and heating plants tenders
1700417210409 09-Apr-2021 13-May-2021 annual inspection, calibration and servicing of main pipeline lbc devices, pn-t-155-21-tp tenders
1261917210414 14-Apr-2021 13-May-2021 annual overview, calibration and servicing of lbc device of main gas pipelines, tenders
1261817210414 14-Apr-2021 12-May-2021 information and communication technology tenders
1138917210414 14-Apr-2021 12-May-2021 construction machine; groups for the purchase of financial leasing services for the procurement of tenders
1138817210414 14-Apr-2021 12-May-2021 acquisition of new ld for vrbovec-ivani grad, approx. 18.0 km tenders
979116210412 12-Apr-2021 12-May-2021 avs maintenance services, alarm cells, flood defense centers and connection system tenders
1700317210409 09-Apr-2021 12-May-2021 evaluation services for mrrfeu as managing authority of the operational program competitiveness an tenders
1609017210412 12-Apr-2021 12-May-2021 procurement of financial leasing services for the procurement of construction machinery tenders
411417210415 15-Apr-2021 12-May-2021 amendment of ir and eia with obtaining a new decision on the acceptability of the project for the tenders
372217210415 15-Apr-2021 12-May-2021 supply of natural gas tenders
410417210415 15-Apr-2021 11-May-2021 procurement of computers and computer equipment - groups tenders
411217210415 15-Apr-2021 11-May-2021 procurement of services for the establishment of a digital library, cataloging of materials and ma tenders
411117210415 15-Apr-2021 11-May-2021 central database on jlprs capacities and system design - it system-platform, ie application and tr tenders
1016116210402 02-Apr-2021 11-May-2021 reconstruction and upgrading of the new croatian natural history museum - amadeo palace, zagreb, d tenders
1015916210402 02-Apr-2021 11-May-2021 upgrading of beli manastir upov including the construction of a solar fire drying room on the proj tenders

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