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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
44017220115 15-Jan-2022 06-Apr-2022 63rd tender - municipal and regional routes around struer, lemvig and holstebro and city bus in gr corrigendum
676051200612 12-Jun-2020 31-Mar-2022 medicines covered by trivial purchase agreements tenders
1590216220124 24-Jan-2022 18-Mar-2022 waste and rubbish containers and bins tenders
2219316220117 17-Jan-2022 15-Mar-2022 transport services (excl. waste transport) tenders
2819616220119 19-Jan-2022 11-Mar-2022 window cleaning - vejle municipality tenders
391051211211 11-Dec-2021 09-Mar-2022 explosive detection dogs (edd) global pre-qualification process for the peace and security cluster tenders
2844216220119 19-Jan-2022 07-Mar-2022 bookbinding services tenders
2844416220119 19-Jan-2022 03-Mar-2022 renovation of public family and youth housing and elderly and nursing homes with service area tenders
2844316220119 19-Jan-2022 03-Mar-2022 construction of public family and youth housing and elderly and nursing homes with service area tenders
3295016220119 19-Jan-2022 02-Mar-2022 telecommunications services tenders
620216220120 20-Jan-2022 01-Mar-2022 pharmaceutical products tenders
1541617220120 20-Jan-2022 28-Feb-2022 information services and assistance to visitors and communication activities in the europa experie tenders
142517220122 22-Jan-2022 28-Feb-2022 musical instruments, sport goods, games, toys, handicraft, art materials and accessories tenders
2997817211217 17-Dec-2021 28-Feb-2022 construction materials tenders
707216211224 24-Dec-2021 28-Feb-2022 supply of phacoemulsification machines, phacoe handles, and associated procedure kits tenders
238051211216 16-Dec-2021 25-Feb-2022 malaria vaccines tenders
3356216220121 21-Jan-2022 25-Feb-2022 building and construction works in turnkey contracts tenders
3210516220125 25-Jan-2022 25-Feb-2022 architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services tenders
3294216220119 19-Jan-2022 25-Feb-2022 drinking-water treatment plant construction work tenders
456417220122 22-Jan-2022 24-Feb-2022 delivery and installation of a new stage lift tenders

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