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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
870716170908 08-Sep-2017 31-Dec-2021 development and/or demonstration of space assets innovative mission management solution, including tenders
922316210402 02-Apr-2021 25-Nov-2021 angioplasty supplies tenders
1523316200718 18-Jul-2020 21-Sep-2021 canal oyster market requalification work tenders
987817210505 05-May-2021 15-Sep-2021 expressions of interest for the signing of an administrative emphyteutic lease on a land tenure be tenders
1373317210323 23-Mar-2021 10-Sep-2021 mission of advice and assistance to project management in the implementation of the toulouse metro corrigendum
1592917210507 07-May-2021 06-Sep-2021 placement and management of an insurance program for sm sirom north flanders tenders
1462817210316 16-Mar-2021 02-Sep-2021 sterile medical devices for digestive and bronchial endoscopy - 2021 tenders
633616210416 16-Apr-2021 01-Sep-2021 public service concession for the production, treatment and distribution of drinking water tenders
1610717210507 07-May-2021 01-Sep-2021 concession of the public passenger transport service and associated mobility services of perpignan tenders
1032717210504 04-May-2021 30-Aug-2021 development work on the south lane at avenue charles de gaulle in roissy-en-france tenders
806517210511 11-May-2021 30-Aug-2021 development of version 8.0 of the atos software tenders
968717210505 05-May-2021 27-Aug-2021 maintenance of roof terraces on inolya`s heritage tenders
1055317210428 28-Apr-2021 27-Aug-2021 ventilation and air-conditioning installation work tenders
1794417210427 27-Apr-2021 20-Aug-2021 public service concession for the management and operation of the haras de rosires-aux-salines sit tenders
1349317210423 23-Apr-2021 16-Aug-2021 door-to-door collection and voluntary contribution of household and similar waste on the territory tenders
1622917210209 09-Feb-2021 10-Aug-2021 supply and installation of vertical signage on the territories of the sophia antipolis urban commu corrigendum
1040817210504 04-May-2021 02-Aug-2021 cold cuts, fresh, cooked meats and fine mince tenders
1143417210322 22-Mar-2021 30-Jul-2021 project management mission relating to the construction of a departmental analysis laboratory mult tenders
1080617210428 28-Apr-2021 30-Jul-2021 sports facilities operation services tenders
963317210505 05-May-2021 30-Jul-2021 maintenance, repair, full warranty and work on part of the elevator park managed by paris habitat tenders

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