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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
664516211214 14-Dec-2021 31-Dec-2022 business and management consultancy and related services corrigendum
459717220427 27-Apr-2022 15-Dec-2022 call for tenders for the construction and operation of biomethane production facilities injected i tenders
1899717211029 29-Oct-2021 26-Nov-2022 purchase of a catalyst synthesis robot, installation and training tenders
1705916220223 23-Feb-2022 16-Oct-2022 open and non-selective referencing and financing systems (sons) intended to encourage the digital tenders
1497616220506 06-May-2022 30-Sep-2022 management and operation of the brest expo exhibition center tenders
1384016220419 19-Apr-2022 30-Sep-2022 valuation services for commitments and renewals of pledge loan contracts as well as judicial sales tenders
2552816220513 13-May-2022 23-Sep-2022 construction work for buildings relating to health tenders
1496716220506 06-May-2022 16-Sep-2022 public service concession relating to the operation of caen-carpiquet, le havre-octeville, deauvil tenders
825816220510 10-May-2022 15-Sep-2022 various supplies for the workshops of the chu de montpellier, support establishment for the hospit tenders
1496316220506 06-May-2022 05-Sep-2022 works concession relating to the renovation and operation of the establishment called chalet de la tenders
226517220503 03-May-2022 05-Sep-2022 acquisition and support of aircraft, means, infrastructure works and associated services, for the corrigendum
2070017220420 20-Apr-2022 05-Sep-2022 repair and maintenance services of military aircraft, missiles and spacecraft tenders
1751516220401 01-Apr-2022 31-Aug-2022 commissioning of heating installations tenders
2875617220517 17-May-2022 31-Aug-2022 robotic repainting of valves tenders
1200917220516 16-May-2022 31-Aug-2022 public service delegation for the operation and management of the theatre du brianconnais tenders
839116220510 10-May-2022 30-Aug-2022 preparation and delivery of individual meals in cold connection for the home meal delivery service tenders
924817220502 02-May-2022 26-Aug-2022 management of the public collective sanitation service of the municipality of ballon-saint mars (t tenders
3459916220513 13-May-2022 22-Aug-2022 construction, management, operation of a heliport and medical transport services tenders
1471816220506 06-May-2022 17-Aug-2022 actions on the early identification and care of children aged 0 to 7 with tnd including asd by gen tenders
2559316220513 13-May-2022 31-Jul-2022 ao relating to the construction and operation of installations for the production of electricity f corrigendum

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