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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
956616210720 20-Jul-2021 21-Oct-2021 military uniforms corrigendum
1114017210717 17-Jul-2021 11-Oct-2021 development of the spatial plan of the academic center of the university of latvia tenders
1028116210709 09-Jul-2021 08-Sep-2021 development of an artistic concept of a multimedia exposition for a wooden building at vecpilstas tenders
567516210727 27-Jul-2021 08-Sep-2021 installation of fences and pedestrian crossings in railway infrastructure objects: construction corrigendum
1114117210717 17-Jul-2021 06-Sep-2021 installation of groundwater observation wells, supply and installation of groundwater level and te tenders
567316210727 27-Jul-2021 03-Sep-2021 organization of public awareness raising events and communication campaign tenders
871016210626 26-Jun-2021 02-Sep-2021 architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services tenders
336417210727 27-Jul-2021 30-Aug-2021 purchase of virtual training software in a 3d environment for the creation of an interactive learn tenders
784216210723 23-Jul-2021 30-Aug-2021 construction supervision services for the construction of the training center in the territory of tenders
607016210723 23-Jul-2021 30-Aug-2021 targets for shooting practice tenders
784416210723 23-Jul-2021 27-Aug-2021 management of residential houses owned by jrmala state municipality tenders
336017210727 27-Jul-2021 27-Aug-2021 information system modernization, architecture change - transition to a web-based solution tenders
1005116210723 23-Jul-2021 27-Aug-2021 purchase of special protective boots for firefighters (for three years) tenders
783016210721 21-Jul-2021 27-Aug-2021 environmental support services for state examination information system products tenders
738016210721 21-Jul-2021 27-Aug-2021 purchase of fuel tenders
1625017210715 15-Jul-2021 27-Aug-2021 provision of health insurance services to participants of the electronic procurement system within corrigendum
1111816210727 27-Jul-2021 27-Aug-2021 construction of rainwater sewerage collector from prnavas street to lcplsa street corrigendum
567016210727 27-Jul-2021 27-Aug-2021 purchase of fuel corrigendum
782816210721 21-Jul-2021 26-Aug-2021 data-processing services tenders
607116210723 23-Jul-2021 26-Aug-2021 electrical machinery, apparatus, equipment and consumables; lighting tenders

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