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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
593616220122 22-Jan-2022 21-Mar-2022 replacement of servomotors and oil pumps of plavinas hpp hydro units an4, an6, an9 and an10 tenders
3167917220107 07-Jan-2022 01-Mar-2022 purchase of natural gas for the needs of the municipal agency saimnieks tenders
89917211211 11-Dec-2021 28-Feb-2022 centralized examiner services tenders
941816211220 20-Dec-2021 28-Feb-2022 engineering consultant and construction supervision services for rail baltica main line constructi tenders
855116220124 24-Jan-2022 28-Feb-2022 x-ray devices tenders
577316220122 22-Jan-2022 28-Feb-2022 business travel services tenders
1911916220125 25-Jan-2022 28-Feb-2022 military vehicles and associated parts tenders
507516220125 25-Jan-2022 28-Feb-2022 targets for shooting practice tenders
116417220120 20-Jan-2022 28-Feb-2022 electronic communications services corrigendum
624816220120 20-Jan-2022 25-Feb-2022 delivery of food products to the educational institutions of the kaunas association of rezekne mun tenders
624616220120 20-Jan-2022 25-Feb-2022 delivery of food products and beverages for the needs of structural units of rezekne region social tenders
507216220125 25-Jan-2022 25-Feb-2022 food, beverages, tobacco and related products tenders
507416220125 25-Jan-2022 24-Feb-2022 detection apparatus for non-metallic objects tenders
507316220125 25-Jan-2022 24-Feb-2022 delivery of food products to v.pludonis kuldiga secondary school, kuldiga center secondary school tenders
577916220122 22-Jan-2022 24-Feb-2022 provision of public transport services by buses in ventspils corrigendum
469117220122 22-Jan-2022 24-Feb-2022 purchase of fuel for the needs of kraslava municipality dagda city and parish association tenders
468917220122 22-Jan-2022 24-Feb-2022 purchase of roofing materials tenders
1600616220124 24-Jan-2022 24-Feb-2022 reconstruction and renovation of kuldiga culture center buildings and yard at raina street 21, kul tenders
1694716220119 19-Jan-2022 23-Feb-2022 environmentally friendly sanitation of public toilets tenders
508216220119 19-Jan-2022 23-Feb-2022 occupational clothing, special workwear and accessories tenders

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