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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
897617200818 18-Aug-2020 17-Aug-2025 purchase of contract works of the project rail baltica : construction of roads tenders
516051200311 11-Mar-2020 N/A 14057-purchase of multimedia equipment rental prior information notice
322051191123 23-Nov-2019 20-Dec-2023 design (engineering) statistical services order by cpo en electronic directory tenders
976917200818 18-Aug-2020 19-Aug-2023 international land transport services tenders
385417210102 02-Jan-2021 08-Dec-2021 apartment house address j. basanaviiaus g. 117, utena, staircase plastic windows, balcony doors an tenders
329017210424 24-Apr-2021 01-Jul-2021 open competition for architectural project of international value at the centre polyclinic diagnos tenders
1400017210424 24-Apr-2021 01-Jul-2021 architectural international value of the project contest tenders
401517210506 06-May-2021 30-Jun-2021 installation of an administrative building - purchase of furniture tenders
581917210508 08-May-2021 30-Jun-2021 installation of administrative building - purchase of furniture tenders
318317210508 08-May-2021 17-Jun-2021 computer rental for lazdijai district municipality budget, educational and cultural institutions tenders
1101917210505 05-May-2021 15-Jun-2021 purchase of radviliskis district municipality municipal waste collection and transportation servic corrigendum
1066817210505 05-May-2021 14-Jun-2021 blood components tenders
263117210504 04-May-2021 14-Jun-2021 tireplace aerosol tenders
328617210506 06-May-2021 14-Jun-2021 disposable non-chemical medical consumables and hematological consumables tenders
276617210506 06-May-2021 14-Jun-2021 blood components tenders
318817210508 08-May-2021 14-Jun-2021 electric force instrument for neurosurgery and instruments for electric force instrument for neuro tenders
318717210508 08-May-2021 14-Jun-2021 ultrasonic diagnostic system tenders
318617210508 08-May-2021 14-Jun-2021 laboratory centrifuge tenders
318517210508 08-May-2021 14-Jun-2021 operating ultrasonic diagnostic system tenders
318417210508 08-May-2021 14-Jun-2021 audiometer-tympanometer tenders

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