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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
730417210526 26-May-2021 31-Aug-2031 delivery partner dynamic purchasing system tenders
729417210526 26-May-2021 31-Aug-2031 delivery partner dynamic purchasing system tenders
823816200926 26-Sep-2020 09-Sep-2028 hull city council supported living and vulnerable young people leaving care accommodation and supp tenders
1612151210311 11-Mar-2021 15-Mar-2028 special needs housing program (snhp) notice of funding availability tenders
1612251210311 11-Mar-2021 05-Mar-2028 2016 permanent supportive housing nofa corrigendum
1612351210311 11-Mar-2021 27-Jan-2028 2020 supportive housing nofa corrigendum
204052200928 28-Sep-2020 31-Aug-2027 language services for uk police forces dynamic purchasing system tenders
965052200817 18-Aug-2020 30-Jul-2025 education catering services dynamic purchasing system london tenders
730817210526 26-May-2021 30-Apr-2025 passenger transport - dynamic purchasing system tenders
1532816201113 13-Nov-2020 25-Oct-2024 the supply of arboricultural works on trees affected by ash dieback and other health related issue tenders
976116190709 09-Jul-2019 07-Jul-2024 construction work tenders
153052190201 01-Feb-2019 30-Mar-2024 provision of iud/s & provision of sdi for contraception and the provision of ius for non-contracept tenders
575317210526 26-May-2021 31-May-2022 short term framework - outdoor education tutors tenders
540051210521 21-May-2021 N/A provision of housing with care, support and enablement services prior information notice
434051210520 20-May-2021 N/A mobile voice and data services prior information notice
549052190927 27-Sep-2019 15-Apr-2022 the technology innovation marketplace dps crown commercial service tenders
178051210825 25-Aug-2021 N/A flight information display systems prior information notice
890617210825 25-Aug-2021 31-Dec-2021 dementia advice and support tenders
1366517210819 19-Aug-2021 31-Dec-2021 defra data services platform 3 (dsp3) tenders
728717210818 18-Aug-2021 31-Dec-2021 independents and non-maintained schools expansion plan and placements market engagement tenders

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