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Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
24-Jan-2020 02-Feb-2021 AFGHANISTAN supply and supply of vegetable oils and motor oils for the vehicles of the department of water supp tenders
07-Jul-2020 18-Dec-2020 ALGERIA support for capacity building of teachers and guidance counselors in the psychosocial care of stude tenders
01-May-2020 30-Nov-2020 NIGERIA reconstruction/renovationof 160schools in adamawa (fufore & guyuk lgas) and yobe (bade & fika lgas) tenders
23-May-2020 30-Nov-2020 UNITED STATES medicines for covid-19 case management tenders
16-Oct-2019 31-Oct-2020 ZAMBIA development of a communications campaign for the sct grievance mechanism tenders
07-Aug-2020 09-Sep-2020 ZIMBABWE lta water trucking services tenders
07-Aug-2020 08-Sep-2020 ZIMBABWE lta for borehole drilling services tenders
07-Aug-2020 07-Sep-2020 DENMARK complementary feeding bowl and spoon tenders
05-Aug-2020 31-Aug-2020 JORDAN towards an inclusive national social protection system and accelerating decent job opportunities fo tenders
06-Aug-2020 31-Aug-2020 BURKINA FASO provision of full logistic services for transport, delivery and distribution of goods tenders
08-Aug-2020 31-Aug-2020 PHILIPPINES technical assistance to barmm-mssd for development of shockresponsive social protection system tenders
07-Aug-2020 27-Aug-2020 MALI recruitment of a design office to perform data cleaning and analysis tenders
07-Aug-2020 27-Aug-2020 MALI conducting studies on practical knowledge and attitudes on infant and young child feeding tenders
04-Aug-2020 26-Aug-2020 KENYA construction/installation of water, sanitation and hygiene (wash) facilities in 110 schools in homa tenders
05-Aug-2020 26-Aug-2020 KENYA provision of institutional consultancy to develop counties child protection legal and policy framew tenders
07-Aug-2020 26-Aug-2020 URUGUAY longterm agreement for a media monitoring service for unicef in uruguay tenders
07-Aug-2020 26-Aug-2020 KENYA production of designs and layout with informatics, info-graphs and infomaps for each of the 47 sani tenders
06-Aug-2020 25-Aug-2020 BURKINA FASO selection of a service provider for the strengthening of internet connectivity in the directions (r tenders
22-Jul-2020 24-Aug-2020 UNITED STATES recruit one or more communication agencies for a long-term framework agreement for the 3 lots: agen tenders
31-Jul-2020 24-Aug-2020 BRAZIL car rental tenders

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