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Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
07-Dec-2019 17-Dec-2021 HAITI provision of fuel injector (for generator) tenders
10-Dec-2019 17-Dec-2021 SOMALIA geotechnical site investigation in jowhar police training facility, hirshavelle state, somalia tenders
02-Apr-2019 01-Jan-2021 DENMARK general information on psc pre-qualification tenders
15-Oct-2020 18-Nov-2020 TOGO supply of registration machines on behalf of the pafcom project, lomé, togo tenders
16-Oct-2020 16-Nov-2020 DENMARK provision of services to research and develop guidance on best practice strategic communications on tenders
20-Oct-2020 13-Nov-2020 MYANMAR provision of moali market connectivity investment proposal tenders
15-Oct-2020 10-Nov-2020 BELIZE supply of non lethal equipment for the anti-crime capacity building program for the belize defense tenders
16-Oct-2020 09-Nov-2020 SOMALIA rehabilitation of jowhar police training facility, jowhar, hirshabelle state, somalia tenders
18-Oct-2019 08-Nov-2020 CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC printing promotional materials for mahrn / unops in the central african republic tenders
22-Oct-2019 08-Nov-2020 MALI supply of spare parts for armored toyota land cruiser b6/lc76 tenders
15-Oct-2020 06-Nov-2020 CAMBODIA construction of fao office building, phnom penh, cambodia tenders
17-Oct-2020 06-Nov-2020 LIBERIA construction of fence walls and ancillary works in greater monrovia liberia tenders
14-Oct-2020 05-Nov-2020 MYANMAR provision of strategic communications package and community feedback mechanism of maternal and chil tenders
17-Oct-2020 05-Nov-2020 DENMARK media, pr & communications services for the stop tb partnership tenders
20-Oct-2020 05-Nov-2020 AFGHANISTAN supply and delivery of education kits for unops-rshq project kabul, afghanistan tenders
20-Oct-2020 05-Nov-2020 ARGENTINA acquisition of integrated mobile water treatment systems tenders
13-Oct-2020 04-Nov-2020 HONDURAS acquisition of general medications and large volume intravenous solutions for the honduran social s tenders
16-Oct-2020 03-Nov-2020 SUDAN victim assistance in sudan tenders
09-Oct-2020 02-Nov-2020 HONDURAS acquisition of critically use medicines (cardiology, neurology, endocrinology, oncology and others) tenders
13-Oct-2020 02-Nov-2020 DENMARK provision of learning solutions tenders

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