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Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
27-Nov-2019 27-Oct-2022 United States procurement for schedule department: medical devices, hospital furniture, anatomical models, kits a tenders
22-Jul-2021 14-Sep-2021 DENMARK supply of dignity kits tenders
26-Jul-2021 24-Aug-2021 SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC manufacture and/or supply of products and related services tenders
28-Jul-2021 17-Aug-2021 MYANMAR provision of quality maternal and child healthcare services to the population of kachin state, incl tenders
13-Jul-2021 11-Aug-2021 EL SALVADOR supply / provision of printing services - reproduction of various documents and materials, promotio tenders
12-Jul-2021 10-Aug-2021 BANGLADESH manufacture and/or supply of products and related services multipurpose dignity kit items tenders
28-Jul-2021 10-Aug-2021 THAILAND provision of service for big data study for harmful practices in asia tenders
19-Jul-2021 06-Aug-2021 MALI ordinary household questionnaires qmo - for the general census of population and housing - rgph5 tenders
23-Jul-2021 06-Aug-2021 SOUTH AFRICA development of sadc protocol on youth and monitoring & reporting tool for the sadc youth empowermen tenders
22-Jul-2021 04-Aug-2021 MOZAMBIQUE implementation of a reality check approach (iii) in zambezia and nampula under rapariga biz program tenders
22-Jul-2021 03-Aug-2021 LAO PEOPLE`S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC quotation for the hybrid vehicle tenders
23-Jul-2021 03-Aug-2021 TAJIKISTAN procurement of programme vehicle for unfpa tajikistan co tenders
23-Jul-2021 02-Aug-2021 UGANDA supply and installation of blood bank refrigerators and solar systems tenders
02-Jul-2021 29-Jul-2021 TIMOR-LESTE develop virtual reality (vr) training program tenders
14-Jul-2021 29-Jul-2021 MYANMAR field testing of protection against sexual exploitation and abuse (psea) awareness materials with c tenders
23-Jul-2021 29-Jul-2021 MOZAMBIQUE procurement of wheelchairs tenders