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Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
13-Mar-2020 30-Mar-3020 liberia provision of consultancy services as social development specialist for lsmfp project tenders
02-Jul-2020 16-Jul-2025 RWANDA firms specialized in the provision of outside catering services tenders
07-Dec-2019 17-Dec-2021 COLOMBIA strengthening of colombias ministry of transport tenders
24-Jul-2020 22-Jul-2021 SAINT LUCIA construction of the bexon community centre tenders
21-Feb-2020 31-Mar-2021 MALAWI provision of free wi-fi in selected areas in malawi tenders
13-Mar-2020 31-Mar-2021 UNITED STATES evaluation of the country support program of the global environment facility tenders
18-Mar-2020 31-Mar-2021 GHANA integrating tax payment and filing into the government payments portal tenders
23-Jan-2020 21-Jan-2021 LIBERIA vehicle fleet rental type pick up 4x4 tenders
07-Dec-2019 31-Dec-2020 INDIA agricultural technology solutions for ifc clients in india tenders
08-Jan-2020 31-Dec-2020 SAINT LUCIA procurement of computer workstations and servers tenders
30-Jan-2020 31-Dec-2020 SAINT LUCIA rehabilitation of selected health facilities tenders
17-Jun-2020 31-Dec-2020 SAINT LUCIA procurement of vhf hf radios and accessories for island wide communication for nemo tenders
01-Aug-2020 30-Sep-2020 mozambique design, supply & installation, commission and handover of the matambo 400 kv substation in mozambiq tenders
30-Jul-2020 28-Sep-2020 TUNISIA technical assistance in the design and implementation of employment services information systems in tenders
31-Jul-2020 22-Sep-2020 MALAWI design, supply & installation, commissioning and handover over of the 400kv overhead transmission l tenders
31-Jul-2020 21-Sep-2020 MALAWI construction of main canal 1 and main canal 2 of the shire valley irrigation scheme tenders
15-Jul-2020 14-Sep-2020 JAMAICA supply, installation and commissioning of uninterruptible power supplies (ups) tenders
01-Aug-2020 14-Sep-2020 UGANDA supply and delivery of motor vehicles and construction equipment for colleges and their vocational tenders
29-Jul-2020 11-Sep-2020 UGANDA supply, delivery, installation, training of users and commissioning of workshop equipment tenders
30-Jul-2020 09-Sep-2020 MALAWI procurement of secondary school text books and teachers guides tenders

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