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Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
16-May-2022 13-Jun-2022 KYRGYZSTAN heat supply improvement project ( improving energy efficiency of preschool educational institution tenders
16-May-2022 13-Jun-2022 georgia construction of sustainable visitor trails and mountain huts for the kazbegi, pshav-khevsureti and tenders
17-May-2022 13-Jun-2022 MADAGASCAR second south west indian ocean fisheries governance and shared growth project, construction of buil tenders
30-Apr-2022 12-Jun-2022 SOMALIA somaliland civil service strengthening project ii, design, supply and installation tenders
22-Apr-2022 10-Jun-2022 ARGENTINA support for the effective universal health coverage project tenders
27-Apr-2022 10-Jun-2022 CONGO supply of rapid test kits and antiserum for reference hospitals and provincial blood transfusion ce tenders
07-May-2022 10-Jun-2022 MALAWI lilongwe water and sanitation project, consulting services – firms selection tenders
10-May-2022 10-Jun-2022 MOZAMBIQUE economic linkages for diversification, non-consulting services - special regime, contracting a prov tenders
10-May-2022 10-Jun-2022 MADAGASCAR madagascar - least-cost electricity access development project, supply of building materials tenders
12-May-2022 10-Jun-2022 MOZAMBIQUE contracting provider for services to improve communication and image of ipeme tenders
14-May-2022 10-Jun-2022 KYRGYZSTAN tax administration and statistical system modernization project ( procurement of ict equipment-2 ) tenders
16-May-2022 10-Jun-2022 INDIA assam citizen-centric service delivery project ( supply, installation and maintenance of 500 nos. l tenders
17-May-2022 10-Jun-2022 SENEGAL supporting gas project negotiations and enhancing institutional capacities ( supporting gas project tenders
19-May-2022 10-Jun-2022 ETHIOPIA road sector support project, consultancy services - firms selection tenders
19-May-2022 10-Jun-2022 ETHIOPIA road sector support project, consultancy services – firms selection tenders
14-Apr-2022 09-Jun-2022 HAITI construction of a pv solar power plant with storage battery connected to the jacmel network tenders
23-Apr-2022 09-Jun-2022 SAINT LUCIA procurement of vehicles tenders
12-May-2022 09-Jun-2022 DJIBOUTI djibouti support for women and youth entrepreneurship ( recruitment of a firm to carry out a feasib tenders
13-May-2022 09-Jun-2022 LIBERIA liberia sustainable management of fisheries project, purchasing of fishing vessel, and gears for pi tenders
14-May-2022 09-Jun-2022 JAMAICA second rural economic development initiative (redi ii) project , supply, delivery of fishing suppli tenders

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